Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central EDI Integration

The TrueCommerce EDI solution offers a combination of comprehensive EDI service whilst also ensuring end-to-end integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central


Complete EDI Integration Solution with Microsoft Dynamics 365

The TrueCommerce Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central EDI integration enables those companies processing electronic business documents to synchronise their EDI and ERP systems within the same, easy to use solution. Through the world’s most complete Trading Partner Network, TrueCommerce’s seamless integration with Business Central offers immediate connectivity with every type of business – from retailers to manufacturers and wholesalers, as well as eCommerce storefronts and drop-ship vendor programs.

TrueCommerce uniquely offers Business Central users a scalable solution that integrates all commerce channels and fulfillment partners. This frees your organisation from having to implement, use and maintain multiple vendor solutions. We offer a true extension to Business Central vs. customising the application, eliminating any challenges taking updates for Business Central or implementing other 3rd-party independent software vendor solutions.

Integrated EDI automates many time-consuming order-to-cash business processes like entering inbound orders, generating outbound order confirmations and processing invoices and credit memos.

TrueCommerce’s integrated EDI solution frees up your staff to focus on other value-added activities while also delivering timely and accurate data integration with strategic channel partners.

The TrueCommerce solution offers an easy-to-use experience increasing efficiency, reducing manual efforts and improving your vendor scorecard performance. TrueCommerce’s knowledgeable in-house staff offers unlimited support including 24 x 7 emergency care.

Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central integration accounts for a multitude of EDI messages including Invoices, Purchase Orders, Advanced Shipping Notices and many more. Delivered as part of a fully managed service, this integration enables our clients to automate their internal processes, drastically reducing time spent on cumbersome administrative duties.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 EDI Integration Capabilities

Automate Order Processing

  • Cloud-to-cloud connection between Business Central and TrueCommerce’s network with no software to install or maintain
  • Automates EDI sales order and invoice transactions, including inbound POs, outbound invoices, and outbound PO acknowledgments, without needing to retype or rekey business messages.
  • Automatically send PO acknowledgments from sales orders in Business Central to confirm or modify header or line-level details
  • For drop ship, marketplace or eCommerce orders, automatically create new customers in Business Central when you generate a sales order
“TrueCommerce’s fully managed EDI service allows us to simplify our EDI footprint and concentrate on what we do best. With our previous providers we wouldn’t know there was a problem until our customers told us, however the pro-active service delivered by TrueCommerce will ensure that any issues are resolved before they reach our customers.”Dominic Howson
IS Director Hovis

Ensure Data Accuracy, Reduce Errors and Chargebacks

  • Validates transactions prior to sending and alerts you to any fields with missing data—no more rejections of inaccurate invoices to slow down payment
  • Automatically verifies unit pricing, purchase order numbers and items before processing transactions
  • Supports price classes in Business Central
  • Eliminates costly chargebacks and helps improve your vendor scorecard

EDI Integration Platform Support

  • Our knowledgeable support team provides unlimited customer assistance, including 24×7 emergency care
  • Updates to trading partner maps, labels and reports are included at no cost
  • No hidden fees or ongoing maintenance fees
  • Enhanced security via SOC-2 certified data centers, complete redundancy and disaster recovery for your data

Add More Value with TrueCommerce

  • Automate and schedule data exchanges between Business Central and TrueCommerce
  • Make it easy to meet trading partner requirements for packing list templates, including graphics and automatic updates.
  • Connect Dynamics 365 to your online storefront and marketplaces to drive even more supply chain automation