PIM Benefits

Benefits of PIM

Manage your product information in one centralised system to increase sales and enhance your bottom line

Product Information Management brings many strategic benefits to your business, having a positive impact on your bottom line whilst enhancing your marketing efforts


  • Deliver a consistent brand and customer experience across every relevant channel, from online to mobile to marketplaces and offline in store, events and print
  • Eliminate barriers to growing your assortment due to the complexities of managing, optimizing and publishing a rapidly expanding set of product attributes - TrueCommerce PIM delivers a structured and scalable approach, including the ability to source content from suppliers and enable them to enrich their content directly
  • Equip your business to grow your brand and sales through fast growing digital channels – TrueCommerce PIM includes connectors that immediately syncs product assortments direct to your online stores, social sites and marketplaces
  • Reduce time-to-market for new catalogues, expanded assortments, product launches, new markets and new channel partners
  • Reduce complexity of selling in a global marketplace – TrueCommerce PIM enables your organization to define unique attributes and product descriptions accommodating for local language and cultural differences as well as regional regulatory requirements


  • Increase conversion rates by optimizing product content, buyers will more easily discover your products and find the information they need to make a purchase
  • Reduce returns with better information and a better buying experience that makes it easier to find and select the correct item
  • Reduce cost by freeing up resources that are manually entering content into spreadsheets, managing for version control, tracking down information from across the organization and formatting content for each channel partner


  • Manage content complexity as you expand product portfolios, move into new channels and enter new regions/markets
  • Gain complete control over what content is delivered to each channel and partner addressing specific relationships, contract requirements, fulfilment demands and market segments
  • Ensure content quality by sourcing, validating, approving and publishing new product information in a structured, efficient and accurate manner
  • Maintain industry and regulatory compliance, even with a global presence, driven by built-in validations and content approval workflow


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