EDI trading platform for Aldi suppliers

A robust and reliable managed service that enables suppliers to meet Aldi's EDI requirements quickly and efficiently

Aldi is a limited line discount retailer with over 620 stores in the UK and Ireland, with approximately 1300 items listed every day, in every store.

As part of Aldi’s electronic trading operations, suppliers are expected to trade with the retailer via EDI, exchanging electronic orders and invoices. If you need to trade electronically with Aldi, TrueCommerce has the necessary EDI connection in place to enable you to do so.

TrueCommerce’s scalable EDI managed service enables you to trade with all your customers electronically on one platform, reducing complexity and lowering the cost to your business of having to maintain multiple connections or use multiple browser solutions.

Whether you are a new supplier to Aldi who currently has no EDI capabilities or an existing Aldi supplier who wants to switch from your current EDI provider, we can help. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.