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Savage & Whitten EDI

“Instead of manually inputting invoices onto our ledger they are now imported in one generic file through the TrueCommerce system, which means that far less time is consumed in administration.”

Cathal McAteer
Commercial Trading Controller
Savage and Whitten

Saxby & Endon

The National Lighting Company is a £100M+ distributor of light fittings. Netalogue has been implemented across a major companies within the group called Saxby Lighting and Endon Lighting to manage B2B operations. Deep integration of the B2B system and Customer Self-Service are key characteristics of this project.


“We’ve seen a reduction in risk by removing manual, error-prone processes, and an opportunity to refocus the team on tasks that can add value to the business as we continue to grow.”

Tim Hunter
Group Head of IT
Seafresh Group

Screwfix EDI

“The TrueCommerce solution will enable Screwfix and its suppliers to have a common view of the full purchase order to invoice cycle. In addition to enabling the real-time exchange of critical business documents, visibility across multiple suppliers will help Screwfix to improve product availability, reduce excess inventory and improve invoice-matching rates, thus increasing overall supply chain performance and flexibility.”

Scott Parsons
Head of Supply Chain

Silverfish logo

Cornwall based Silverfish have launched a B2B/C platform the serve both trade and retail customers simultaneously. Deeply integrating with SageX3 this ensures that the customer experience is tailored based on their login the highly configurable ecommerce platform using the latest mobile responsive templates which is publicly accessible

Spax EDI

“We regard TrueCommerce as an extension of our own team. There is no doubt that outsourcing to TrueCommerce has been cost effective.”

Bev Cross
ABC Spax

TFL logo

Transport for London (TFL) is the public organisation responsible for most aspects of public transport in London including the London Underground where more than 1 billion passenger journeys are made annually. TfL operate a Netalogue ordering system which organises approved supplier parts catalogues and central stores warehouse products into a single portal which is used by TfL procurement teams and remote working staff (e.g. engineers) to place MRO orders more efficiently. The Netalogue portal in use at TfL integrates comprehensively with SAP and was launched within 3 months.