E-invoicing in Japan

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April 13, 2024

E-invoicing, also known as electronic invoicing, is becoming increasingly important in Japan. With the introduction of Japan’s electronic invoicing standard in 2012, companies were encouraged to switch to electronic invoicing to increase efficiency and reduce paper costs. 

There are many advantages of e-invoicing in Japan. Businesses can save time and resources by automating the manual process of invoice creation and processing. They can also improve the accuracy and security of their billing data. 

Japan has also been addressing the issue of e-invoicing for years. E-invoicing in Japan is regulated by the “Act on the Use of Information and Communications Technology in the Field of Taxation”. Businesses that use e-invoicing can benefit from various benefits, including faster processing of invoices, reduction in paper costs and improved data accuracy. 

PEPPOL in Japan 

PEPPOL, which stands for Pan-European Public Procurement Online, is a network that facilitates electronic business transactions between companies and government agencies. In Japan, PEPPOL is becoming increasingly popular as it improves the efficiency and security of business processes. By standardising documents and processes, companies can save time and money.  

The Japanese government introduced PEPPOL as part of its efforts to digitise public procurement back in 2021. With the growing acceptance and use of PEPPOL in Japan, efficiency and transparency in business transactions are expected to further improve. 

The goal is to implement electronic invoicing throughout Japan via PEPPOL. 

This model for exchanging e-invoices makes the interoperable standard mandatory. Japan uses the “JP_PINT” format, the international version of PEPPOL, based on BIS Billing 3.0. 

Post-Audit E-invoicing in Japan 

Japan’s e-invoice processes are Post Audit. This means that the government only reviews the invoices after they are issued. Japan is not yet planning a digital reporting system. 

Overall, e-invoicing in Japan offers an efficient and cost-effective way to streamline the invoice process and improve tax compliance. By using e-invoicing, companies can save time and resources while streamlining their business processes. 

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