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EDI integration, how will it help?

Richard Gallacher
October 28, 2017

Benefits of EDI Integration

EDI is a tool used to accelerate the flow of business documents from 'computer to computer'. ERP Integration fuels this process by automating manual processes like re-keying data into your back office system and streamlining internal business processes.


An integrated EDI solution becomes necessary when a business is looking to quicken order processing and reduce lead times. By eliminating administrative burden and centralising the flow of documents into your back office system, integration software frees up time to be spent on other critical areas of the business. By working in conjunction, EDI and an ERP system can shorten the order to cash cycle and reduce the need for human intervention and error.


The time saved with integration can increase a company's service both externally and internally. Externally it allows orders and transactions to be processed more accurately, improving strategic relationships and visibility over trading networks. Internally it facilitates efficiencies across the board, most pertinently in accounts departments where invoices can be processed automatically, vastly reducing potential errors and effort taken to key invoices and process payments.


Growth is positive and yet many companies struggle with increased volumes and the resources required to fulfil larger orders. By managing EDI on behalf of our clients with our EDI Managed Service, TrueCommerce facilitate progress by managing the set-up, maintenance and upkeep of an integrated EDI solution, orders and invoices, whatever their scale can be sent autonomously, at pre-arranged times and matched against specific criteria with full support provided by our team of experts. TrueCommerce can integrate into a range of ERP systems and help companies of all sizes profit by automating time consuming tasks and pass control over to a team of experts. Read more on moving beyond EDI compliance with EDI ERP Integration.

Key consideration

There are a variety of ERP providers, importantly you must choose the right one for the size, scope and capacity of your business. For any help or information relating to EDI or Integration contact us