Scale your business with a unified platform for all your online marketplace orders

Fruugo is a highly diversified global online marketplace supporting e-commerce transactions in 42 countries, 31 currencies and 28 languages. With 83% of the marketplace’s transactions cross currency it represents an attractive expansion strategy for businesses looking to grow internationally. 

To capitalise on the potential of online marketplaces, companies need to have the ability to fulfil orders on time and meet the requirements of each marketplace without suffering under the expense of managing an influx of orders from a new or growing sales channel.

Fruugo marketplace integration from TrueCommerce enables you to manage all your marketplace activity from one unified platform. By automatically exchanging order, customer, inventory and fulfilment data between all your marketplaces and your ERP, you can maximise your marketplace strategy.

Connect to 100+ global marketplaces

Accelerate your expansion strategy with reduced risk

Success often leads to an increasing workload for those team members responsible for the admin that new sales bring. To ensure your business makes a success of any expansion plan you need a rapid and reliable means of passing data between your marketplaces and your back office system - so you can capitalise on periods of hyper inflated demand and efficiently deliver your products into the hands of your customers. 

With our Marketplace Integration solution you choose where you want to sell, which marketplace fits the bill and then we take care of the rest. We let you scale your business without having to build a host of new integrations. Just one connection to TrueCommerce can quickly open the door to 100+ new marketplaces and a global network of customers. 

Our most popular marketplace connections can be found below, however a full list can be found here.

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  • ebay logo
  • Cdiscount logo
  • Game UK logo
  • Otto logo
  • Zalando logo

Accelerate growth and maximise the strategic value of marketplaces

The TrueCommerce marketplace integration solution helps you manage all your marketplaces from one unified platform, enabling you to accelerate growth and maximise the benefits of your marketplace strategy

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Make marketplace compliance easy with TrueCommerce

Easily manage all your marketplace activity with one unified platform 

Keeping inventory in sync, manually processing orders and updating product information SKU-by-SKU can quickly become time-consuming barriers to growth. TrueCommerce marketplace integration enables you to process all your marketplace orders through one central interface. With our solution you can easily automate the passing of data from your customer facing marketplaces to your business system and back, removing the need to manage multiple systems.

  • Our flexible web-based solution allows you to manage marketplace orders from anywhere 
  • Easily connect to new marketplaces without worrying about complying with individual marketplace requirements 
  • Extend your digital commerce capabilities and benefit from add-ons such as our multi-carrier shipping solution and drop ship capabilities

    With TrueCommerce you can connect your Fruugo marketplace account to your ERP with one connection. Our most popular business system integrations can be found below, or for a full list, click here.

    Provide your customers with a better service

    Provide a better customer experience with digital commerce 

    Automate internal processes, deliver a better experience for your customers and increase the accuracy and efficiency of your communication by digitally transforming interactions, from the start of their journey through to delivery.

    • With business system-to-Fruugo synching you can provide near-real-time product availability information 
    • Accelerate marketplace order processing for faster deliveries 
    • Keep customers up to date with shipping statuses 

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