The easiest way for your customers to send you electronic orders

Are your customers reluctant or unable to send you electronic orders? No problem. The TrueCommerce PDF order processing service makes it easy for your customers to send you electronic orders, in fact they don't need to change their processes at all. They simply email PDF orders and we do the rest!

Maximise digitisation without the pain

Instantly start accepting digital orders from your entire customer community by simply changing the email address PDF orders are sent to. Orders sent to this address are converted into a standard digital format and processed like any other digital order.

Capture all your orders

Reduce time spent resolving order errors

Eliminate errors created by the manual rekeying of PDF orders. The PDF order processing service uses standard order logic and validation to identify conversion errors. This upfront validation reduces subsequent order queries which are time intensive and can ultimately slow growth.

Improve customer relations

Improve customer service

Improve customer service by accelerating order processing and fulfilment. The PDF processing service automatically processes incoming PDF orders and presents them in the ERP system ready for fulfilment. This means fewer orders get stuck at the query stage or rely on manual rekeying.

Value added tasks

Spend more time on strategic priorities

Redeploy valuable personnel who would otherwise be tied up rekeying orders or resolving order queries. The level of automation provided by the PDF order processing service enables your teams to be redeployed to more strategic business tasks.

Our PDF order processing service is just one of a number of order management solutions we offer to help you trade electronically with your customers. We also offer a fully managed EDI service and a B2B eCommerce solution.


Achieve 100% electronic trading with your customers

Trade electronically with your non-EDI enabled customers with a B2B eCommerce solution that combines the aesthetics of B2C eCommerce with the enhanced functionality required by businesses.

Access B2B eCommerce Information Pack


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