EDI trading platform for Morrisons suppliers

Even if you have little or no experience with EDI, TrueCommerce can help you meet Morrisons' EDI requirements

TrueCommerce connects many suppliers to Morrisons, enabling them to meet the retailer’s EDI requirements quickly and easily.

Morrisons are in the process of converting their “Fresh” Warehouses to a Fresh Warehouse Management System and introducing Edifact messaging for purchase orders, invoices and ASN’s.

As the transition to Edifact is being phased by warehouse; it is necessary for suppliers to communicate in both Edifact and Tradacoms EDI, whilst Morrisons’ full warehouse estate is converted.

If you need assistance meeting Morrisons’ new EDI requirements or are a new supplier who needs to start trading with Morrisons via EDI, TrueCommerce has the necessary connection and expertise in place. Regardless of whether you need an integrated EDI solution or a simple web EDI solution TrueCommerce’s EDI managed service can help you get up and running.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.