Are you looking to switch your EDI provider?

Switching to a new EDI provider can be daunting. However, if your current EDI provider is under-performing, then not switching is simply not an option!


Switching EDI Providers

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a business critical process for organisations across many sectors, whether it is complying with your customers’ EDI mandates or trading with your suppliers electronically to maximise supply chain efficiency. It’s therefore understandable that changing EDI providers can be a daunting prospect, however due to the crucial nature of the documents that are exchanged, it is important that organisations do not settle for an EDI solution that is not delivering what they need.

At TrueCommerce we understand how important it is that all of your customers and suppliers are moved to a new EDI solution without disrupting their business or yours, which is why we have spent many years refining our processes to remove all of the potential risks of switching EDI providers. We have transitioned hundreds of companies, both large and small, who wanted to switch EDI providers and move away from ageing or underperforming EDI platforms to a modern EDI managed service.

The EDI Migration Process

To remove any risk when migrating to the TrueCommerce EDI solution, as part of our fully managed EDI service, we manage the complete transition process for you. We replicate your trading partners’ current message types, message formats, and connectivity, ensuring a smooth transition for you, your customers and your suppliers.

Where appropriate, we complete a parallel run of your incumbent solution and the TrueCommerce solution, providing an automated comparison on all inbound and outbound messages, giving you the assurance that the migration will be seamless with no impact on your operations.

Why move to the TrueCommerce EDI solution?

In addition to making the EDI migration process seamless, as part of the TrueCommerce outsourced EDI managed service you benefit from:

  • First class infrastructure including maximum security, full redundancy, complete disaster recovery and 99.9% uptime, with no hardware or software required in your environment
  • A global trading network including over 160,000 pre-configured trading partner maps, including retailers, distributors and logistics service providers, so you can quickly and easily connect to your entire supply chain
  • Support for all communication methods, all transaction types, and all message formats, including EDI variants, XML, ERP specific formats, and others
  • Integration to all leading ERP systems enabling you to automate processes across your business
  • The industry’s most responsive and knowledgeable support and maintenance teams who monitor the delivery of all messages and takes appropriate corrective action to ensure the assured deliver of EDI messages
  • A fixed annual fee with no hidden or variable costs