EDI Integration for Xero

Streamline your processes and improve visibility with TrueCommerce's end-to-end Xero integration


Maximise the value of Xero and increase efficiency with Xero EDI integration from TrueCommerce

To succeed in today’s competitive corporate landscape businesses need to maximise internal efficiencies and remove cumbersome processes from their supply chains.
TrueCommerce allow you to move beyond simple EDI compliance and automate the flow of information between you and your trading partners with integration between your Xero environment and our leading EDI platform.

Save time and money with integrated EDI

EDI integration for Xero allows you to manage your EDI messages directly from your Xero system, without the need to manually rekey documents into your Xero environment. With our Xero EDI integration you can quickly and easily:

  • Create invoices and sales orders in Xero from inbound purchase orders
  • Send invoices to your customers directly from Xero
  • Send credit notes to your customers directly from Xero

By removing the burden of manual data entry from your team you can process more orders more quickly and redeploy internal resources into more strategic areas of the business.

Connect to any trading partner through the TrueCommerce EDI network

Connect to TrueCommerce’s global trading partner network comprising of over 160,000 connections around the world. Whether you’re in retail, manufacturing or any other industry, we can help you trade with your customers, suppliers and third party logistics providers (3PLs) via EDI.

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Improve the accuracy and reliability of your electronic message exchange

By automating the flow of documents between your Xero and EDI solution with Xero EDI integration you can remove manual processes, which are notoriously error prone. Automated message exchange also lets you invest your team’s time into other areas of the business rather than wasting time identifying, correcting and then reprocessing erroneous messages.

By automatically validating messages before sending them to your Xero system, the integrity of your data is maintained. The validation and process controls available include:

  • Checking that data such as the unit price on incoming purchase orders matches your data in Xero
  • Checking that outbound messages are complete and accurate before you send them

Grow your business with a scalable Xero EDI solution

TrueCommerce integration for Xero is ideal for growing companies because our platform can expand in line with your business’s current and future requirements. Our flexible solution helps facilitate growth within a controlled cloud based environment.

Leave EDI to the experts with our industry leading managed service

Our 24/7 service desk proactively monitors the delivery of your messages and manages any issues. Our team of technical and customer service experts look after the day-to-day running of EDI on your behalf, including the on-going maintenance of trading partner connectors, mailboxes and messages.

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Get up and running quickly and easily with proven EDI implementation and on-boarding

With a dedicated implementation and on-boarding team, our EDI managed service includes the full configuration of your EDI solution, followed by the seamless on-boarding of your trading partners.

Derisk your organisation with an outsourced EDI solution

With no requirements for software or hardware, remove the burden and risks associated with capital investment, technical issues and maintenance costs and let your team focus on what they do best.

Connect to 100+ different marketplaces and manage all your marketplace orders from your Xero environment

TrueCommerce’s online marketplace integration solution helps you easily manage all your marketplaces from your Xero environment. Our platform lets you automatically exchange key order, fulfilment, customer and inventory data between Xero and your marketplaces, enabling you to accelerate growth and maximise the benefits of your marketplace strategy.