B2B eCommerce for the PPE Industry

Maximise sales and ensure regulatory compliance with the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce Platform


B2B eCommerce software solution for PPE suppliers

With comprehensive spend, budget and staff usage controls, the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce platform is trusted by PPE suppliers such as personal protective clothing manufacturer, Liscombe and Eurosafe Group, the UK’s leading consortium of PPE, safety clothing and workwear suppliers, to increase sales whilst ensuring they maintain the regulatory compliance needed in the PPE industry.

Convert customers to online ordering with cost centre management

Encourage customers who have been reluctant to order online with tools that facilitate the improved management of internal budgets. The TrueCommerce UK B2B eCommerce platform offers your customers a full set of procurement and purchase controls. Budgets and authority to buy a product are managed seamlessly, enabling orders to be processed quickly and easily without all the paperwork required in an offline authorisation process. Spend limits can be set across buyers, departments, cost centres and locations as well as having the ability to setup multiple levels of sign off approval.

Empower your customers with staff allocation controls

In the PPE industry, customers often buy products that are allocated to staff, for example, uniforms or PPE such as safety helmets, gloves, masks, eye protection and safety footwear, which need to be tightly controlled. With the TrueCommerce UK B2B eCommerce platform, items can be easily logged against the relevant employee for tracking purposes. Limits per item or group of items can be easily configured to prevent or warn of potential breaches. The restricted catalogue functionality also allows you to manage access to products through your customers’ login credentials.

Integrate your PPE eCommerce storefront with your back office system for increased efficiency and visibility

Connect your UK B2B eCommerce storefront to your accounting, WMS or order processing systems to improve efficiencies and remove the need for rekeying, whilst increasing visibility across your business. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce software solution has comprehensive integration capabilities with a powerful framework which allows for rapid integration with business systems including SAP, Sage, Microsoft & Oracle.

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B2B eCommerce Integration

Improve offline ordering with PDF contract catalogues

Enable your customers to quickly and easily provide product catalogues to their employees who do not have access to online ordering, for example, those located at construction sites. The TrueCommerce solution can quickly generate a PDF catalogue of the core contract items on a customer’s account which can be readily emailed or printed and shared. This saves your marketing team from performing the task, ensures the catalogue is always up to date and facilitates rapid ordering for your customers.

Win and retain contracts with larger organisations with Punchout

Increasing numbers of organisations now request that their key suppliers implement “Punchout” in their B2B ecommerce solutions. Such technology enables your customers to browse and add products on your PPE eCommerce storefront whilst completing the purchase via their own eprocurement system (e.g. Ariba, SAP, Oracle, SciQuest, etc..).

If you’re a supplier with this capability then it immediately lifts your bid to a winning advantage and once you have won such contracts the integration tends to lead to longer term relationships. Punchout also reduces administrative costs for all parties and on average provides your customer with a 10% savings on doing business with you without you having to reduce your prices. Find out more about the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce punchout capabilities.

Increase loyalty with branded sites for key customers in the PPE industry

Increase customer loyalty and spend with branded sites for key customers or a buying group. With the TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B platform’s white label multi site feature you can quickly create new sites, brand and style them differently and enable/disable features and functionality to best fit their requirements. All of this can be done in minutes.

Capture all your B2B orders on one platform

TrueCommerce enables you to capture all of your B2B orders on one single platform, increasing efficiency and visibility across your supply chain.

Our B2B eCommerce solution is ideal for your smaller customers that do not use EDI, however if your clients include large corporations it is likely you need to trade with them via EDI (electronic data interchange). As well as our market-leading EDI solution, we also have a PDF order processing solution ensuring you have a solution for trading with all your customers regardless of their size or technical footprint.

All of your orders regardless of how they are received are converted into a standard digital format and sent to your business system for processing.

The PPE eCommerce platform

Here are some reasons why leading companies in the industry have chosen TrueCommerce as their PPE eCommerce platform provider:

– All orders can be captured though a single PPE B2B web platform

– All channels to market and supply chain data can be unified on one platform through one connection to one provider

– Our global trading partner network makes it quick and easy to connect to the entire supply chain

– Our PPE eCommerce platform is recognised and trusted by leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the globe