Masterfit Enterprises



Meet the EDI needs of all requesting partners and offer non-EDI partners a simple route for ordering via B2B eCommerce platform


Leverage TrueCommerce Foundry EDI and eCommerce solution integrated with QuickBooks Enterprise to enable easier connectivity and rapid order processing


  • Direct QuickBooks integration delivers new orders into the client’s ERP system in 30 minutes
  • Automation eliminates data entry, saving 500+ hours in customer service time in the first year
  • Integrated eCommerce reduces shipping turnaround from 5-6 days to one day
  • Unbeatable support meets the unique needs of a small business as it grows

“It came down to support and training. I have nothing but 5 stars to report about my sales and support experience with TrueCommerce.”

Brian Frias
Brand & Technology Manager
Masterfit Enterprises