Meet the stringent procurement requirements of large retailers, simplify everyday business processes, and improve the customer experience with agile three-way integration across an ERP environment, EDI solution and B2B eCommerce platform


Integrate TrueCommerce eCommerce platform with an existing TrueCommerce EDI solution already connected to Odoo ERP to automate B2B order processing from an online storefront


  • Automation greatly reduces manual data entry, eliminating the need to hire additional staff and facilitating substantial processing volume increases
  • Order data flows directly in and out of the Odoo ERP environment with no retyping
  • Simplified onboarding enables rapid addition of new retail customers and EDI documents
  • A superior B2B eCommerce experience drives a 20%- 25% increase in online order volume
  • EDI/eCommerce integration lets one person manage orders from both channels from a single dashboard
  • Reliable support resolves issues quickly to keep orders flowing

“With TrueCommerce I feel satisfied that we’ve accomplished the promised objectives with both our EDI implementation and the continuing growth of our eCommerce implementation—and that’s pretty rare.”

Jeff Pecora