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When a 110-Year-Old Company Needs A Digital Upgrade it Turns to TrueCommerce

Posted on August 8, 2019

When a 110-Year-Old Company Needs A Digital Upgrade it Turns to TrueCommerce

They say it is not the strongest that survive, but those who are better at adapting. Meet Susquehanna Glass, a glass-etching company that’s still family-owned after more than a century. It produces everything from monogrammed cutting boards to hand-cut glass bowls and branded beer glasses.

Times have been good for this TrueCommerce customer: in the age of Pinterest, sales are through the roof. The company even tripled its in-house design staff.

Suddenly it hit a roadblock that sent it on a digital transformation so interesting, that several industry publications decided to tell its story. The issue was that the company’s back-end packaging and shipping efforts were running so far behind the times they had become a liability. With the highly manual process, it simply took too much time to enter, pack, and ship items to customers.

So Susquehanna Glass turned to TrueCommerce and brought its supply chain to a new level by bringing EDI, e-commerce, and fulfillment solutions together in one system.

The new platform turned out to be faster and easier to use. Retail TouchPoints points out that TrueCommerce Pack & Ship, a Foundry component, allowed Susquehanna Glass to keep up with demand by processing orders in a fraction of the time required by its previous solution. The retailer used to ship 400 to 500 orders daily, taking approximately four minutes to get one label per unit, notes the story. The new system helps print and label packages in under 30 seconds each.

Now Susquehanna can take on the busy season with confidence.

Read the complete customer success story and watch the video testimonial to learn more about this exciting transformation.

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