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Big data for big distribution

January 7, 2019 -
Big data is a term used to refer to data sets that are too large or complex for traditional data-processing application software to adequately deal with. Originally, big data was associated with three key concepts: volume, variety, and velocity...
2 minute read
Unified Commerce
B2B eCommerce

Christmas time isn't always peak time

December 3, 2018 -
The festive period can make or break a retailer’s year but there are many companies that need to use this period to rethink and re-plan for next year. Whilst the Christmas period is synonymous with high consumer spending, promotional offers and an...
2 minute read

What is an EDI Managed Service?

November 9, 2018 -
A managed service describes the practice of outsourcing certain processes and functions intended to improve operations and cut expenses. Companies outsourcing their EDI to a fully managed service provider work towards bridging the gap between the...
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B2B eCommerce

How to Find the Best B2B Ecommerce Platform

November 8, 2018 -
We may be biased, but we think we have the best B2B ecommerce platform. However, it is important that you find the one that works best for your specific needs. To ensure you invest in the top B2B ecommerce platforms for your organisation, we’ve put...
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Italy implements e-invoicing regulations to tackle fraud

October 29, 2018 -
Italy have recently taken the proliferation of electronic trading a step further than most of their European neighbours by introducing an obligatory e-invoicing decree relating to all B2B transactions for those companies residing in Italy by January...
3 minute read

What are EDI Messages?

October 17, 2018 -
In 2016, of all UK eCommerce sales £274 billion were B2B sales via the exchange of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) messages. What is an EDI Message? An EDI message is essentially a business document that is transmitted electronically between...
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SAP EDI Integration: 3 benefits

September 4, 2018 -
TrueCommerce EDI SAP integration fully automates the flow of information between trading partners, enabling you to streamline your processes, improve visibility and shorten order-to-cash/purchase-to-pay cycles. Speed and accuracy An integrated EDI...
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