Ron’s Thoughts: The Importance of Supply Chain Visibility

Ron Sellers
July 27, 2020 -
In today’s world, understanding where product is, where it’s coming from, and when it’s going to get where it needs to go is absolutely essential. Right now, we’ve got retailers and manufacturers and everyone else doing more with fewer employees...

COVID-19: A Lesson in Handling Supply Chain Disruptions

Lindsey McGee
June 2, 2020 -
The idea of supply chain disruption isn’t new. Everything from worker strikes to weather to new taxes and tariffs can cause unforeseen changes to your supply chain, forcing you to quickly adapt and overcome. But COVID-19 has taken the idea of supply...

Why Supplier Management Matters for Grocery Growth

Steve Norris
April 16, 2020 -
Food has always been essential, but in the wake of extending stay-at-home orders, “panic buying” and the closure of thousands of bars and restaurants, grocery stores have become pivotal in the ability of the American public to stay healthy and...

Unified Commerce: The Next Step in Supply Chain Evolution

Ross Elliot
March 2, 2020 -
A few weeks ago at the NRF 2020 conference and expo, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the folks from eCommerceNext, an industry publication focusing on online retail news and information. During the interview, I was asked about our Unified...

Ron's Thoughts: News and Notes from Las Vegas Market

Ron Sellers
February 27, 2020 -
The Las Vegas Furniture Market, the largest in in the western US, is a world-class experience that just keeps getting better. Serving primarily retail buyers and interior designers, it offers its tens of thousands of attendees a vast, cross-category...

The 5 Essential Elements of Successful Drop Shipping

Haitham Ghadiry
February 6, 2020 -
Drop shipping has been an important part of multichannel commerce since the mail-order catalogs of the 1950s. But with the advent and subsequent explosion of Amazon and other “etailers”, modern drop shipping has grown into a global market worth over...

Ron's Thoughts: High Point Market and Furniture Continue to Evolve

Ron Sellers
November 25, 2019 -
It’s been over a month since High Point Market’s October show closed, and there’s more to do now than ever. With 75,000 attendees from around the world, ideas, trends, wants, and needs range from traditional to the completely unexpected. For retailers and suppliers, it’s easy to decide what catches their eye; the difficulty resides in managing the items within a supply chain.