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Go Digital with Integrated Electronics and High Tech Solutions

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In an industry defined by constant innovation, manufacturers and distributors are under continuous pressure to deliver better products, more quickly and more conveniently. Meeting those expectations is no easy task, especially since electronics and high-tech products usually go through multiple supply chains before being delivered to a retailer or end-consumer. These chains within chains rely on a global network of suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, brokers, 3PLs, and carriers.

With so many moving parts, relying on outdated solutions and manual processes can quickly overwhelm your supply chain, leading to mistakes, delays, and frustrated trading partners. To stay competitive, electronics and high-tech businesses need integrated solutions that eliminate these headaches, while reducing costs and increasing sales. The TrueCommerce platform offers a single-vendor, unified commerce solution that brings all your supply and demand channels together. From EDI, to eCommerce, to drop shipping, to supplier enablement, you’ll have all the tools you need to electrify your supply chain. That’s why thousands of electronics brands—from startups to global enterprises—rely on us.

TrueCommerce Supply Chain Solutions for Manufacturing Brands


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Respond to orders and track product movements by exchanging compliant POs, ASNs, and other key documents with suppliers, retailers, and 3PLs. Automation gives you a near-real-time view of your entire supply chain. 


Drop Shipping

Get new and popular products to consumers quickly. With drop shipping, suppliers can sell more items through more channels, while retailers can profit from an endless aisle, without costly inventory investments.


Marketplace Integrations

Expand your online footprint by selling your electronics and high-tech products on marketplaces. Connect you to global giants like Amazon, Newegg, Google Shopping and 100+ other platforms.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

Electronics and high-tech brands need to balance inventory against volatile demand and short product shelf lives. VMI makes it easy to maximize inventory turns while minimizing excess to protect your bottom line.


Supplier Enablement

Suppliers use a variety of communication methods, ranging from EDI to email. Our supplier enablement platform accepts and transforms XML, CSV, PDFs, and other file formats to deliver data right to your ERP. Fully managed onboarding helps new suppliers get started in days.


Scan-Based Trading (SBT)

Get new products on retail shelves even faster by offering scan-based trading. Keep control over your inventory and leverage in-store sales data to create forecasts and make strategic replenishment decisions.

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