5 Ways to Get Ready for Amazon Prime Day 2021

Lindsey McGee
June 7, 2021 -
Amazon Prime Day isn’t just another online sale occasion. And despite arriving on the scene 10 years after the creation of Cyber Monday—and normally happening in July, without any other holiday attached—it’s become one of the biggest eCommerce events...

SOC 2 Compliance: What is it and Why Should You Care?

Aaron Spring
May 12, 2021 -
It can take a village of service organizations to support a business. In other words, no matter how self-sufficient a company is, chances are it depends upon a myriad of other companies like payment processors, web hosting companies, eCommerce...

TrueCommerce Celebrates International Women’s Day: Part I

Lindsey McGee
March 23, 2021 -
TrueCommerce is just one of many tech companies with remarkable women among its ranks, and earlier this month, we celebrated International Women’s Day. To mark this illustrious occasion and reflect on the challenges and triumphs that women experience...

How nVent Electrified Their Fulfillment Process with VMI

Scott Kleinert
March 17, 2021 -
nVent’s products have roots that go back to 1903, when the Electric Railway Improvement Company (ERICO) was founded to supply technical equipment to the railway and mining industries. Today, nVent offers a wide range of high-performance electrical...

EDI is Key to Complying with the New Food Traceability Rule

Lindsey McGee
December 30, 2020 -
In September, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced a new proposed rule regarding food traceability. This rule, which would be part of section 204 of the Food and Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), establishes event tracking requirements for...

Understanding IDC Supply Chain Vendor Assessments

February 19, 2019 -
Adopting a software solution that doesn’t have an established category is hard to justify. How to determine if the vendor is selling what your organization needs? How to tell who are the category leaders and who are the laggards? How to reveal the...