How to Grow Your Wholesale Business with TrueCommerce EDI

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November 28, 2023

In the world of wholesale distribution, collaboration with major retailers like Walmart and Costco is essential for business growth. Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a vital tool that streamlines communication and ensures compliance with industry standards, simplifying processes and enhancing productivity. However, many wholesale businesses find navigating the world of EDI challenging.

In response to these challenges, TrueCommerce and Orders in Seconds (OIS) have partnered to improve wholesale distributors’ understanding of EDI. In a recent webinar, 5 Secrets to Growing Your Wholesale Business with TrueCommerce EDI and Orders In Seconds, we uncovered invaluable insights that can unlock opportunities for business expansion, heightened productivity, and overall success. Continue reading to explore these invaluable insights. Let’s explore how TrueCommerce addresses common inquiries within the wholesale industry.

1. How does TrueCommerce EDI work with wholesale distributors?

TrueCommerce EDI offers a powerful solution for wholesale distributors facing industry challenges. Adapting to new technologies is essential with the rise of online retailers, evolving customer demands, and supply chain disruptions. Take leading distributors like US Foods or Sysco, for example – how do they stay ahead? The answer lies in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), which simplifies information exchange and provides standardized formats for business transactions across industries. 

TrueCommerce’s integrated platform streamlines end-to-end supply chains, connecting thousands of companies and simplifying connections with partners, customers, and logistics providers. The platform digitizes processes, integrates with ERPs, and facilitates secure, efficient business operations in all directions.

2. How do you exchange EDI transactions with trading partners?

If you’re a wholesale distributor looking to sell on Walmart and need to learn how to navigate the world of exchanging EDI transactions, TrueCommerce simplifies the entire process. When the trading partner sends you an EDI 850 document (also known as a purchase order), TrueCommerce promptly recognizes, translates, and seamlessly integrates it into your chosen backend system, whether it’s QuickBooks, SAP, NetSuite, or another ERP. 

Integration plays a crucial role in optimizing your operations. Incorporating data into your backend system enhances inventory management, centralizes customer data, expedites fulfillment processes, and supports partnerships with major retail chains and supermarkets. If you’re wondering how to get your product in Walmart and establish a relationship, integration is the key.

3. Can I use EDI software on mobile devices?

Yes, EDI software can be accessed on mobile devices such as tablets and mobile phones. TrueCommerce is designed to ensure you can maintain control and stay informed about your EDI transactions, even when you’re away from the office. The system operates effortlessly in the background, automating the order-to-cash process, including logistics. 

You can also access your EDI data through the TrueCommerce web platform, which provides insights and a dashboard for monitoring transactions. The goal is for EDI to run smoothly and autonomously, freeing you from constant monitoring. This connectivity and scalability make it a valuable tool for business owners and managers, enabling growth without significant resource expansion.

4. What does the implementation process with TrueCommerce look like?

Once you decide to work with TrueCommerce after choosing a vendor or trading partner (like Walmart), the process begins with a discovery call and a thorough understanding of your business. Successful implementation includes connecting with the trading partner or vendor, testing, and ensuring seamless integration between systems. User acceptance is crucial before going live. Throughout this journey, you have access to a dedicated contact person for support and guidance.

The estimated implementation time, it varies based on the project scope. Factors include the number of trading partners, electronic documents, and the complexity of your backend system. The timeline ranges from approximately one month for simpler setups to around six months for more complex projects.

5. How does TrueCommerce support an Omnichannel strategy?

TrueCommerce excels at integrating various sales channels, including EDI retailers like Wayfair and Rite Aid, into your ERP system. We even take it a step further by offering a platform to aid your suppliers, even if they don’t use EDI. 

TrueCommerce also handles orders from PDF documents and connects you to marketplaces and online stores. All these orders converge into your ERP system for streamlined management, which is especially beneficial for wholesale distributors managing multiple sales channels.

Take Your Business to the Next Level with TrueCommerce EDI and Orders in Seconds

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge for wholesale distributors looking to expand their horizons. TrueCommerce and Orders in Seconds (OIS) are trusted QuickBooks Solutions Providers, ensuring seamless integration with QuickBooks to simplify your business operations. In partnership, these powerful tools simplify order management, enabling efficient communication with trading partners and streamlining your financial management within QuickBooks. 

Wholesale distributors can now optimize their supply chains, gain better control over inventory, and enhance overall operational efficiency, all while enjoying a seamless QuickBooks experience. With these resources at their disposal, expansion, increased productivity, and success become attainable goals.

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