EDI 930 Regulatory Agency Code


What Is EDI 930?

Electronic data interchange (EDI) 930 is a report for regulatory agency codes. Its codes identify the regulatory agency governing the price reference. EDI 930 is essential for price authority identification.

EDI 930 documents follow the X12 format set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), a not-for-profit organization that regulates EDI formats in the U.S.

What Are the Essential Components of EDI 930?

EDI 930 is an identifier code, which means it contains values maintained by the Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) X12, an organization chartered by ANSI. These codes are qualifiers that are shorthand for a value and are four digits long. For example, identifier codes include ZZ for “mutually defined” and SF for “ship from.” The EDI 930 document may also have extended code definitions that explain the code’s meaning.


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ASC X12-approved codes appear after the definition of each data element. The element requirements of EDI 930 are optional, so not all data elements are required to have a valid document. The length of the regulatory agency code document is a minimum of three characters and a maximum of five characters.

How Do I Use EDI 930?

Electronic data interchange 930 regulatory agency code is a price authority identification code. The purpose of these price identification documents is to communicate the basis of pricing. The components of a price can include data such as an order’s tariff number, quote number, and contract number. Since EDI 930 is an identifier-type document, it allows computer tables to validate data element values.

EDI 930 is useful for various industries, including finance, transportation, and supply chain.

What Are the Benefits of EDI Standards?

The rigid standardization of EDI makes it possible for enterprises to communicate essential information while maintaining and scaling data exchanges. With hundreds of EDI transaction codes, including EDI 930, businesses can communicate with one another in a common, understood way to efficiently send and receive many types of documents and data.

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