Automate Connections between Online Marketplaces and Dynamics 365 for Operations

Brands looking to sell through online marketplaces have traditionally been constrained by a lack of data integration, making it time-consuming to process orders and sync inventory, especially as order volumes grow.

TrueCommerce solves this problem for Dynamics 365 Business Central customers by offering plug-and-play integration with over 100 leading global marketplaces, including Amazon, Overstock, Walmart, Rakuten and Sears.

Now you can process marketplace orders more quickly and efficiently, without the need for multiple portals and processes—to accelerate growth and realize the full benefit of your marketplace channel.

Streamline Marketplace Orders

  • Move order data effortlessly between Dynamics 365 and marketplaces
  • Automatically create new customers in Dynamics 365 from marketplace orders
  • Validate pricing and items to reduce errors
  • Send shipment and tracking details directly to customers via the marketplace

Sync Inventory with Marketplaces

  • Track inventory across all your marketplaces from a single system
  • Sync inventory data automatically between Dynamics 365 and marketplaces
  • Reduce stockouts and overselling
  • Consolidate multiple portals and processes into one cloud-based platform
Global Marketplaces

Grow the Business in Every Direction

With the TrueCommerce integration you can:

  • Connect and comply with major trading partners like CVS, Walmart, Kohls and many more
  • Rapidly embrace major retailers’ drop-ship vendor programs
  • Quickly leverage strategic sales channels like EDI and web storefronts

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