Outdoor and Sporting Goods Manufacturing

Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt in warehouse

Hit a Home Run with Integrated Solutions for Your Sporting Goods Brand 

To stay ahead in today’s competitive marketspace, outdoor gear and sporting goods manufacturers need to be able to respond to shifting demand, while meeting tight delivery timeframes. Whether you deliver to distribution centers, store locations, or directly to consumers, processing and fulfilling orders quickly is key to your business’s success. However, disconnected systems that rely on manual processes can keep you out of the game with delays and errors that tarnish your brand reputation and impact your bottom line. 

TrueCommerce’s high-performance Foundry Platform brings all your supply chain activities into one, unified view, and automates key processes to eliminate inefficiencies. Configurable tools address your unique business needs, while ERP integrations create seamless data workflows. With applications for eCommerce, EDI, drop shipping, marketplace selling, and more supported by a flexible, cloud-based architecture, you can play in the big leagues and win customers wherever they shop. 

Streamline Order Processing 

When new orders come in, your business needs to be able to respond quickly. Automated data flows bring orders from all your channels directly to your ERP to jumpstart order processing. 

  • Integrates with more than 25 leading ERP systems ensure seamless document exchange 
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables you to send compliant PO acknowledgements and ASNs to your trading partners 
  • Connectivity with 3PLs lets you quickly send Warehouse Shipping Orders and receive shipping details 
  • Cloud-based solutions easily scale to handle order influxes without sacrificing speed or accuracy 

Win More Online Sales  

More and more, consumers are buying sporting goods and outdoor gear online. Take advantage of digital commerce to expand your customer audience. 

  • Marketplace integrations let you connect with more than 100 online marketplaces, including Amazon, Facebook Marketplace, Warlmart.com, and more 
  • Drop Shipping support lets you expand your product offering to more to e-tail partners 
  • eCommerce integrations empower your business to connect directly with business buyers and consumers 

Up Your Inventory Game  

Forecasting has long been a challenge in sporting goods, but with vendor managed inventory, you can help reduce stockouts, without overproducing. 

  • Advanced demand forecasting uses real-time, store-level sales data to build optimized replenishment orders at the right times 
  • Item stratification lets you replenish different products based on unique factors like profitability, product movement speed, and retailer priorities 
  • Advanced truck building helps optimize truckloads to reduce transportation costs 
  • Scan-based trading helps get your products on retail shelves quickly and maximize sales 

Scale Your Business 

To succeed, you need innovative technology, global connectivity, and expert support. With TrueCommerce, you get all three. 

  • Join a global commerce network with more than 120,000 pre-connected suppliers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, e-tailers, 3PLs, and more 
  • Get near-real-time insight into product movements and market shifts to make strategic business decisions 
  • Enjoy 24/7 customer service availability from an in-house team of experts in your time zone 
  • Secure peace of mind with a 99.9% uptime, full redundancy, and complete disaster recovery