TrueCommerce Launches API Integration for Wayfair Suppliers


As a Certified Vendor, TrueCommerce offers real-time data connection for Wayfair Partner Marketplace

PITTSBURGH (JUNE 6, 2023)TrueCommerce, a high-performing global supply chain network that provides fully integrated, end-to-end supply chain visibility and management, launched the availability of its new Application Programming Interface (API) integration for Wayfair. The integration allows Wayfair suppliers to seamlessly integrate, manage and fulfill orders exchanged between the Wayfair Partner Marketplace and their ERP system for fast, reliable data processing.

“We’ve developed the TrueCommerce API integration to enable our customers to trade in the most real-time, direct way with Wayfair’s API based supply chain platform” said Ryan Tierney, vice president, product management at TrueCommerce. “The TrueCommerce API Integration aligns TrueCommerce with Wayfair’s go-forward API strategy with seamless order management and support for more advanced functionality like GS1 label retrieval.” 

As a certified vendor, TrueCommerce’s API integration will deliver the following benefits to Wayfair suppliers in the Wayfair Partner Marketplace:

  • Fully Managed API Access
    • API connectivity from a certified marketplace provider ensures the integration remains up to date as Wayfair adds new API endpoints and features
  • Reduced Costs
    • Automated data entry, management and invoicing reduce chargebacks and penalty fees while improving ROI
  • Increased Supplier Performance
    • Tight, flexible integration enables faster data processing for better on-time order fulfillment
  • Improved Inventory Visibility
    • TrueCommerce automatically publishes inventory availability to Wayfair to minimize stock out and customer service disruptions
  • Enhanced Accuracy
    • Real-time error monitoring, automated alerts and complete transaction visibility ensure smooth operations

“Delivering on today’s consumer expectation requires more robust integration and real-time collaboration between merchants and the supplier communities they depend on,” said Mike Gross, Chief Product Officer at TrueCommerce. “TrueCommerce has invested in its API technology infrastructure to provide our customers with a single integration platform regardless of how they or their trading partners prefer to connect. Our objective is to help suppliers rapidly onboard leading marketplaces and other channels while helping merchants access a broader community of suppliers to grow their assortments and sales.”

TrueCommerce’s API Integration

The TrueCommerce network provides a direct API integration between your ERP system and Wayfair’s API-based supply chain platform. API access ensures the fastest, easiest way to manage and fulfill Wayfair orders while providing real-time inventory availability. Leveraging TrueCommerce’s integration-agnostic cloud architecture, your brand can connect immediately for enhanced efficiency. As part of TrueCommerce’s fully managed service, there’s no need to build or maintain your API connection, enabling your organization to focus on other priorities and consistently deliver as a high-performing Wayfair supplier.

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