Automate manual business processes and reduce errors and time spent rekeying order data by integrating order processing across eCommerce, ERP and EDI systems


Implement the TrueCommerce eCommerce Platform to rapidly deliver easy-to-use, cost-effective storefronts for consumers and businesses. Add integrated TrueCommerce EDI for Oracle E-Business Suite to automate the exchange of order data between TrueCommerce and Oracle, and to transact EDI with a major automotive customer


  • All eCommerce order transactions are now automated end-to-end between web storefronts and Oracle
  • Elimination of data entry errors and the effort and cost required to correct them
  • Improved customer service
  • Ability to quickly deploy new eCommerce storefronts and integrate them with Oracle
  • A single-vendor solution reduces integration effort and offers seamless support
  • All-inclusive integration adds value across Oracle, EDI and eCommerce technology investments
  • Ease of use for all classes of users, including end customers, 3PL providers, and in-house business staff

“I would recommend the combination of the TrueCommerce eCommerce and EDI integration with Oracle to other suppliers.”

Anusha Iyengar
Senior Programmer Analyst