Backyard Expressions



Automate the order data flow into an existing QuickBooks Enterprise system to save time and reduce accounting errors


Implement multiple QuickBooks Enterprise integrations from TrueCommerce across EDI, Amazon, and Shopify’s eCommerce platform to enable accelerated omnichannel growth


  • Proven QuickBooks integrations enable fast and accurate order processing
  • Affordable solutions address the unique needs of a growing business across sales channels
  • Unified commerce platform offers a single-vendor solution for multiple platforms
  • Automation cuts order processing time in half, while supporting increased order volumes
  • Fully managed service model provides expert support in a timely fashion

“The Shopify integration from TrueCommerce has been amazing for us. We needed something to automate Shopify and speed it up, and it turns out with TrueCommerce’s Shopify integration, we were able to do just that.”

Tyler Engelken
Director of Online Operations
Backyard Expressions