Conn’s HomePlus



Improve store replenishment forecasting, eliminate manual effort, and support a next-day delivery promise by replacing a legacy approach with a state-of-the-art, automated solution


Collaboratively implement and extend TrueCommerce Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to optimize store replenishment allocation and truck building


  • Better store replenishment forecasting resulting in fewer product returns and stock-outs, helping to increase sales
  • Radically improved full truckload building at the Regional Distribution Centers (RDCs) and Hub-Spoke Distribution Centers (DCs), leading to more efficient truck utilization and lower truck counts
  • Fewer allocation change requests from stores, reducing demands on IT
  • On-demand inventory visibility at the RDCs and Hub-Spoke DCs
  • More efficient product movement with fewer touch points and opportunities for damage
  • Rapid, sustained and compounding ROI thanks to automation-driven efficiencies in multiple business areas

“Based on our work with TrueCommerce so far I don’t see any problems for the future. We’re growing as a business and we’re expecting TrueCommerce to grow right along with us.”

Michael H. Luckett II
Executive Director of Logistics and IT Management
Conn’s HomePlus