Enhance Inventory Control and Grow Sales with Scan-Based Trading


Automate point-of-sale data collection and replenishment calculations to optimize ordering, assortment and service.

Retailers are under enormous pressure to reduce inventory and cut carrying costs while maximizing in-stock levels and product variety. Because of this, more retail leaders — and their supplier partners — are embracing scan-based trading (SBT) supported by collaborative replenishment to achieve these goals and do business in every direction


More Connected. More Supported. More Prepared for What’s Next.

  • Automation saves time, effort and cost and helps improve inventory performance
  • Advanced replenishment logic leverages store-level POS data as the demand signal to optimize items and quantities to order
  • By having the correct products in the right quantities at each store, suppliers can capture more instore sales
  • Robust, scalable collaborative replenishment solution allows suppliers to manage hundreds to thousands of retail stores
  • Access to POS data lets suppliers know when SBT items are sold, simplifying reporting and invoicing
  • Advanced SBT capabilities empower suppliers to improve service levels and strengthen customer relationships