• Hubbell established successful VMI program in early 1990’s, but in-house system required considerable IT cost and effort
  • Selected Datalliance to support second generation VMI program
  • Now realizing even greater results from VMI while eliminating all “system management” issues
  • TrueCommerce Datalliance now provides a highly reliable platform with rich functionality to support growth of ASM’s VMI client base

Datalliance VMI Delivers

  • Eliminated the need for 3 IT support personnel
  • Enabled 100% focus on customers, eliminating “system” concerns
  • Improved tools for managing product mix at distributors
  • Improved distributor service levels, inventory turns, sales, and transaction costs over 1st generation VMI program

“We moved to Datalliance to take advantage of the latest technology and the Software as a Service (SaaS) approach. It gave us all the benefits of our existing VMI program and more – but at a much lower cost. By taking the IT system and infrastructure costs out of the picture, we dramatically reduced the costs of running our VMI program.”

John Riley
Manager of ePrograms
Hubbell Incorporated