Microsoft Dynamics GP — Mobi Technologies



Install a cost-effective and easy-to-use EDI solution that fulfills trading partner requirements and is compatible with an updated Microsoft Dynamics™ GP 10.0 business system


Implement a simple and affordable end-to-end EDI solution from TrueCommerce EDI Solutions


  • Integration of the TrueCommerce EDI Platform improved overall productivity and achieved fast and substantial cost savings
  • Reduced manual data entry of purchase order information and maintained better customer records and information due to improved data accuracy
  • A coordinated upgrade of Mobi’s business system and replacement of their inefficient EDI solution reduced costs by 45% a month
  • Gained substantial business productivity and reduced errors in virtually all aspects of order processing. Time spent manually entering orders and creating invoices decreased by 30%
  • Implementation achieved within tight timeline and prior familiarity with TrueCommerce EDI solution meant immediate proficiency and minimal learning curve

“I’ve estimated that we’ve reduced costs by approximately 45% a month compared with our previous system and we’ve improved productivity by 30%.”

Yanni Herrera
Operations Manager
Mobi Technologies, Inc