QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions — Roma Marble



Integrate a cost-effective EDI system with existing QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions software to comply with top trading partner’s new requirements.


Implement simple and affordable end-to-end EDI solution from TrueCommerce.


  • As the only EDI solution recommended for the QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions by Intuit, TrueCommerce enables small and mid-tier businesses throughout the country to integrate EDI with QuickBooks simply and affordably
  • Free support makes it easy to implement and maintain EDI
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by 30%-50% because TrueCommerce’s EDI solution offers all four major components for successful EDI under one roof: the network, translation software, integration with the accounting package or business system and ongoing support

“They communicated at my level and made sure I understood everything. They never talked down to me, and encouraged me to ask questions.”

Ellie Colesano
Accounts Receivable Administrator
Roma Marble, Inc.