TrueCommerce Datalliance Returns Automation


VMI Greatly Reduces the Need for Returns

TrueCommerce Datalliance has extended the scope of Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) to make the process of returns far faster and simpler for both the distributor and manufacturer. This paper outlines how ‘excess material’ reports have been combined with automated transaction generation to create a complete ‘returns automation’ solution that significantly speeds the process while reducing both managerial and administrative effort.


More Connected. More Supported. More Prepared for What’s Next.

  • Distributors are getting faster returns with less time on the part of purchasing
  • TrueCommerce Datalliance Customers are getting more time to spend on sales activities and even stronger distributor relationships
  • BOTH are getting a healthy reduction in required management time as well as administrative effort

“The results have been every bit as good as anticipated. In just one example, we reduced what previously took as much as a month for a larger partner to literally less than an hour.”

John Riley
Hubbell Electrical Systems
Director of eCommerce