Vendor Managed Inventory: Optimize Replenishment Like Never Before

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Vendor Managed Inventory: Optimize Replenishment Like Never Before

More Connected. More Supported. More Prepared for What’s Next.

Benefits for Suppliers

For suppliers, VMI is a strategic initiative that:

  • Increases sales (typically by 5% to 20% or more) by enhancing sellers’ product assortments, improving promotion execution, and reducing out-of-stocks
  • Reduces operating costs by streamlining order management, increasing truck utilization, and eliminating order errors, product returns, and emergency orders
  • And more…

Benefits for Retailers and Distributors

VMI enables retailers and distributors to:

  • Reduce out-of-stocks and missed sales without overstocking or carrying excess safety stock
  • Better synchronize supply and demand with visibility and response to dynamic market changes
  • And more…

“Implementing the TrueCommerce Datalliance VMI service was a breeze compared to systems projects where we had to install and set up everything ourselves. TrueCommerce Datalliance’s solution is enhanced several times a year with no effort or disruption on our part at all.”