Vital Farms Accelerates Orders-to-Cash with TrueCommerce and NetSuite



Replace an underperforming, standalone EDI system with an easy-to-use solution integrated with NetSuite ERP to automate accounts receivable processes


Quickly implement TrueCommerce EDI for NetSuite ERP to eliminate manual effort, streamline customer onboarding and boost overall productivity and responsiveness


  • Elimination of manual processes has improved order accuracy and greatly reduced chargebacks from major retailers
  • Reliable, scalable EDI makes onboarding new trading partners straightforward and predictable
  • Dependable, cloud-to-cloud connection between NetSuite and TrueCommerce’s network means no software footprint to install or maintain
  • Cloud-based EDI solution offers anytime/anywhere access

“I find NetSuite user-friendly and it works well for us. TrueCommerce EDI integration with NetSuite is seamless and works very well also. Both systems are still relatively new for us, so there are probably even more features we can eventually take advantage of.”

Gina Fochesato
Accounting Manager
Vital Farms