Ward Manufacturing Expands VMI Program



  • Ward needed the ability to expand initial VMI program quickly and efficiently
  • Previous VMI system was time-consuming and difficult to manage
  • Move to TrueCommerce Datalliance helped communicate VMI benefits to Ward sales organization, provided a proven implementation template, and complete process management
  • Today, Ward implementing more customers, in less time, at lower cost

TrueCommerce Delivers

  • Converted all existing VMI locations to TrueCommerce Datalliance in just three months
  • Reduced required IT resources and lowered overall VMI program costs
  • Can now handle 4-5 VMI implementations at one time

“The experts at TrueCommerce Datalliance worked closely with us to give our sales organization the information and confidence to communicate the specifics of what VMI is, how it works, and most importantly the benefits to our customers. We can now help customers see VMI as a tool to help grow their company’s sales and profitability.”

Kieran Young
National Sales Manager
Ward Manufacturing