Worthington Direct



Improve organizational efficiency, save time and cost, and reduce errors by automating numerous manual order processes with suppliers, customers and third-party shippers.


Utilize TrueCommerce managed service, supplier enablement and onboarding solution to increase visibility and collaboration with supplier network, regardless of size and technical maturity.


  • Completely automates communication with suppliers across over 80% of orders
  • A choice of “win-win” connectivity options has driven 100% adoption among suppliers whose order volume warrants onboarding
  • Replaced a complex, paper-based order workflow with an automated process that automatically sends POs to multiple suppliers, based on the sales order
  • Automates third-party freight invoicing via a dedicated portal to eliminate yet another manual step
  • A managed service desk supports both the distributor and its many trading partners, making onboarding, testing and ongoing communication all exceptionally smooth
  • Faster, more accurate order processing and significantly reduced operational cost yield a competitive advantage

“But savings are huge. Normally, we’d be adding at least two or three additional staff to support our busy summer season. But this year we don’t anticipate needing to do that, even though we expect sales to grow by 10-20% from last year. TrueCommerce OneTime is a competitive advantage for us.”

Brian Heiland
Vice President
Worthington Direct