Manage Your Inventory for Accurate Tracking and a Superior Customer Experience

To do business in every direction, it is critical to have visibility of your product inventory at every level. TrueCommerce’s eCommerce platform features an inventory control system that puts you at the helm of your product management strategy. Automated features ensure real-time, accurate decrementing when orders are placed, as well as incrementing inventory in the case of returns. At the same time, customizable controls allow you to fine-tune your inventory tracking to fit your unique business reqirements. With TrueCommerce, you’re always one step ahead of your inventory needs, and two steps ahead of the competition. 

Nexternal Inventory

Customize Your Inventory Tracking

Nexternal makes it easy to customize product inventory options in your online store. With SKU-level controls, you can ensure accurate inventory tracking while enhancing the customer experience for better service and increased sales.

  • Create product bundles or kits for products consisting of multiple SKUs, like gift baskets. When the bundle is ordered, inventory is decremented for each SKU that makes up the kit.
  • Define Inventory at the SKU level to accurately account for differing inventories of products in different colors or sizes
Nexternal XML Tools

Stay Up-to-Date on Inventory

Nexternal’s Inventory control features merchant notifications to keep you in-the-know, as well as multiple options for updating product numbers, so you can choose the method that works best for your business.  

  • Low inventory notifications automatically email you when inventory reaches a predefined threshold. You can define your threshold globally, or choose different warning levels for different products so you have ample lead-time for restocking.
  • Inventory Control XML Inventory Updates integrate with your POS system to accurately track inventory across online and brick-and-mortar channels
  • Excel Inventory Import files offer merchants without integrated systems a simple way to reconcile inventory levels
In Stock

Keep Customers Happy

Keep your customers informed with near real-time notifications and updates. Stock statuses and alerts eliminate customer frustrations with stock availability errors, leading to a better shopping experience.

  • Defined depletion statuses automatically change an item’s status when the product is our of stock. Choose from options including “out of stock,” “on back order,” “discontinued” and more
  • Email and SMS in-stock notifications allow customers to “sign up” for stock email and SMS notifications, which let them know when new inventory has been added to the merchant’s online store

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