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SAP Business One EDI Integration

Seamless SAP Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) integration, streamlining your sales order and warehouse document processing for increased efficiency from one, trusted source.

TrueCommerce, an SAP partner, makes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) simple and affordable. Integrating TrueCommerce with SAP Business One provides the ability to seamlessly format your EDI transactions to match your trading partners’ requirements, reducing manual data-entry costs and costly charge-backs. Our Trading Partner Platform provides the peace of mind that comes from selecting a solution that delivers robust functionality and unparalleled scalability.

Customer Success

Mama Rosie’s Co., a Boston manufacturer of frozen pasta meals, needed to upgrade its business-software and transaction-management systems. Relying on advice from a local business software value-added reseller (VAR), Mama Rosie’s integrated its SAP Business One system with the TrueCommerce Platform. The VAR concluded that TrueCommerce offers the most robust end-to-end solution for SAP Business One clients.

Automated transaction management expedited Mama Rosie’s order-entry and invoice-generation process. Our Platform enables Mama Rosie’s to see new orders two days sooner and receive payments three days faster.


How Easy Is It?

Making EDI Painless for Users of SAP Business One


Key Features of TrueCommerce EDI Sales Integration with SAP Business One

  • End-to-end EDI solution for SAP Business One, developed and supported by one trusted source
  • Comprehensive, seamless integration automates sales orders, purchase-order acknowledgments, invoices, credit memos, advance-shipping notices (ASNs) and warehouse shipping documents
  • Offers easy set-up and simple, customer-specific configuration
  • Powerful auto-pack capabilities automate packaging within the SAP delivery packing slip
  • Print UCC-128 labels from SAP Business One
  • Expert customer service based in the U.S., no annual maintenance fees and no annual contract


Sales Integration

SAP Business One users can expect a fully integrated and seamless sales integration from TrueCommerce. Leveraging the native SAP Business One Data Interface API, our solution provides sales integration for sales orders, invoices, credit memos and ASNs, as well as other related documents such as sales quotations, purchase-order acknowledgements, credit memos and draft invoices.

End-To-End Solution

Our Platform includes the four components needed for an end-to-end EDI solution: a web-based EDI translator, data mapping and integration, network connectivity and ongoing customer support.

ASN Integration

The solution fully supports ASNs, including flexible auto-pack options specific to the customer or the item, and has the ability to consolidate shipments upon import. Auto-pack options include no-pack, pick-and-pack and standard. You can auto-pack shipments by quantity based on specific packaging rules as well as support mixed-carton, drop-ship and pure-carton options.

Fully Automated Solution

Automate integrated transactions with Transaction Manager and SAP Business One through the TrueCommerce Scheduler. This add-on feature allows you to set up scheduled events for integrated sales documents such as exporting purchase orders from Transaction Manager and importing invoices from SAP Business One. Once these events are scheduled, TrueCommerce Scheduler will automatically process your documents without either application being opened. Transaction Manager will notify you via email if exceptions occur – built-in process controls keep you on track so that you can focus on other key areas of your business.

Built-In Process Controls

Unit pricing, duplicate purchase order numbers and items are optional process controls that can be set per customer and automatically validated before processing transactions to SAP Business One. In addition, prior to sending EDI transactions, fields are validated for accuracy. If fields have missing data, our Transaction Manager will notify you via email and highlight those fields that need to be updated.

Request an in-depth product demonstration or call a TrueCommerce EDI specialist today for more information about the benefits of integrating with SAP Business One.

Warehouse Document Integration

Warehouse shipping orders (940) can be automatically processed from a sales order within SAP Business One; users can optionally include lot numbers and serial numbers upon creation. In addition, warehouse shipping advices (945) automatically create deliveries within SAP Business One. The automation provided through Transaction Manager provides more accurate order fulfillment, removing the need to manually update lot and serial numbers. Warehouse shipping advices can also be used to automatically create an ASN giving you the ability to perform a quick turnaround and immediately send notifications to your customers.

Reduce Costs by up to 50%

Our Trading Partner Platform reduces customers’ total cost of ownership by up to 50%. Our clients get free customer support, free Trading Partner Map updates and no annual contract, maintenance or hidden network fees.

Transaction Manager™, the web-based EDI translator on our Trading Partner Platform, automates many everyday tasks for SAP Business One users. This robust, integrated solution includes everything small to midsize businesses need to streamline and automate the processing of sales orders, invoices, ASNs and warehouse documents. Our intuitive interface and flexible configuration options help you maximize accuracy, efficiency and customer satisfaction—liberating your business to focus on new opportunities!

Harness the Power of Our Trading Partner Platform

TrueCommerce, the most accredited EDI provider in North America, has been providing EDI solutions to customers since 1995. With us, you gain access to more than 92,000 Trading Partner Maps that are automatically updated for free.

Our powerful Platform includes integration of Transaction Manager, our web-based EDI translator, with the SAP Business One system. With the other Platform components — Trading Partner Maps and the TrueCommerce Trading Network — along with underlying support and professional EDI services, TrueCommerce delivers a complete, end-to-end EDI solution from one trusted source.

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We have helped many SAP Business One customers successfully integrate their EDI and ERP environments.

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