CommerceHub provides hosted integration, drop-ship fulfillment and other services to multi-channel retailers like Costco, QVC, Sears, Home Depot and many others. Suppliers and distributors often process e-commerce orders from these major retailers using the CommerceHub portal.

But when your business expands your retailer will also want your products on their shelves and in their distribution centers. When your sales channels expand you are also typically then required to use EDI for these orders. Are you ready for omni-channel fulfillment?

Likewise, as your e-commerce business grows and order volumes increase, the manual effort required to process POs, acknowledgements,and shipments in CommerceHub and other portals can lead to high costs, shipping delays and errors. Can your order processing scale up?

Fortunately, there is a simple, cost-effective way to solve both these problems: TrueCommerce EDI integrated with both CommerceHub and your accounting/ERP system.

TrueCommerce EDI can easily automate all your order processing end-to-end with all your CommerceHub partners and EDI trading partners, saving you time and money to drive rapid, sustained ROI:

  • Process orders for all your e-commerce tradingpartners that leverage CommerceHub, Amazon’s Vendor Central, Walmart’s Retail Link and many more conveniently in one place.
  • No more entering orders by hand!
  • Eliminate overtime and high labor costs by automating all your multi-channel customer relationships with a single EDI solution.
  • Improve the accuracy of orders, invoices and shipments.
  • Seamlessly handle compliance with EDI mandates.
  • Maintain a consistent order management process across all trading partners.
  • Easily manage cross-references among trading partner relationships.

Here are just some of the many CommerceHub connections TrueCommerce supports:

To find out more about how suppliers and distributors can leverage the complete, end-to-end TrueCommerce EDI solution to streamline their CommerceHub order process and meet retailer EDI requirements while optimizing efficiency and customer satisfaction, contact a TrueCommerce Solution Specialist today or call us directly at +1 724-940-5520.