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EDI for Third-Party Logistics Providers

Let your 3PL-based business take advantage of EDI capabilities, such as managing accounts, automating sending of documents, and more.

EDI for Third-Party Logistics Providers

Whether yours is a third-party logistics (3PL) business or you fulfill your orders using a 3PL service, TrueCommerce provides scalable, adaptable and affordable EDI capabilities that connect your 3PL business processes with your customers through a range of connection models:

3PL Managed Accounts

We offer a multi-user option, enabling a 3PL business to access its clients’ accounts to retrieve orders or upload shipment information. At the same time, your customers are able to import orders automatically into their accounting or ERP system without retyping.

When orders ship, you can import the invoice from your ERP and send it directly to a trading partner. Alternatively, if your EDI and ERP aren’t integrated, you can “turnaround” the purchase order, create an invoice, and send it to your trading partner.

EDI to 3PL

We let you exchange transactions with your 3PL providers using EDI. TrueCommerce supports all documents exchanged between 3PLs and their customers. We simply create an EDI mapping for the 3PL. You can then “turnaround” purchase orders to EDI 940 (Warehouse Shipping Order) documents and receive EDI 945 (Warehouse Shipping Advice) documents from the 3PL. Easily create an Advance Shipping Notice document and send it to your trading partner.

Carbon Copy Transmission

TrueCommerce EDI supports carbon copy transmission, which automates the delivery of an electronic copy of an EDI document to one or more recipients. With the Emailed PDF feature, a copy of any transaction sent through the TrueCommerce Trading Network will be emailed in the form of a PDF to anyone you designate without them needing Transaction Manager. This enables the supplier to automatically generate copies of messages sent and received with a 3PL. These copies would be sent automatically to the “partner” -- usually your trading partner who is receiving the goods.

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