A B2B eCommerce strategy to accelerate sales

The growth of online sales has recently accelerated dramatically so there is no better time to improve your digital presence


Expand your business with online sales

With online sales increasing at a faster rate than ever, it’s become essential to have an effective eCommerce presence. When it comes to servicing B2B customers, it’s important to mirror the intricacies of your offline sales processes and provide account level personalisation which not only provides a better customer experience but dramatically increases sales.

Make ordering easy

B2B ordering is all about speed and efficiency, statistics show that more customers will buy online if it saves them time. Most B2B customers place repeat orders with very similiar products and quantities so providing tools to speed up this process inevitably results in increased sales. Product code entry often speeds the process up whilst the ability to upload a CSV list of products reduces the ordering time substantially with stock levels, pricing and even suggested alternatives all being produced instantaneously.

The TrueCommerce platform also provides order pads which can either produce order suggestions based on previous transactions or automatically create customer specific order lists direct from the ERP.

“TrueCommerce have helped us implement a great online order system within our budget that is both stable and easy-to-use. Their quick response to the questions and issues we raised during UAT was also impressive.”

Mark Bason
Project Manager

Intelligent Pricing

Pricing is one of the most important and complex elements of any B2B eCommerce strategy so it’s important to choose a provider who can cater for the multitude of different pricing strategies in today’s market.

Having all orders charged to a single account, variable pricing for different regions and bespoke pricing for special or congurable products are all examples of B2B pricing functionality provided by the TrueCommerce platform. TrueCommerce also helps increase average order vales (AOV) by providing price reductions based on purchasing larger quantities.

Lastly, when used as a physical product catalogue by your customers and the end user, sensitive pricing can be hidden to allow the catalogue to be displayed whilst maintaining confidentiality.

Let your products sell themselves

B2B catalogues can be extremely large especially when it comes to industrial or configurable components. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution is designed to easily support super sized catalogues containing millions of products, coupled with an advanced fully faceted search, customers are able to quickly find the products that exactly match their requirements whilst comparing to similiar items.

The TrueCommerce B2B platform also allows you to sell the most complex items online by attaching questions and choices to the product which the customer answers online. Changeable items can also include Batch IDs and specification control to allow each product to be tracked and accurately represented online. For larger corporate end users, the platform employs product code aliases where the end users bespoke product codes and part numbers are used within the ordering process instead.

Sell more with targeted marketing

TrueCommerce functionality allows you to segment your customers into different groups thereby allowing the accurate targeting of news, banners and other content. This improves the visibility of your key messages which translates into increased sales and improved customer satisfaction. The platform also facilitates customer reviews which further advertise your business and develop closer relationships with customers.

All of this functionality is built within a fully responsive framework which is engineered to display your content optimally on all devices and provide maximum flexibility and increase online orders.

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