Expand your business internationally with B2B eCommerce

Remove the barriers associated with increasing sales globally


Scalability made simple with B2B eCommerce

Selling online removes many of the traditional barriers associated with expanding your business, the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce software solution allows you to quickly add stores for additional businesses you may acquire as well as providing full multilingual support for growing your business in foreign territories.

International language functionality

The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce platform is built as a global solution with it’s core functionality catering for regional differences. Combined with the user intelligence that B2B trading provides, the solution automatically presents products in the right language with the appropriate regional tax corrections. This functionality provides the familiarity customers require to make purchasing decisions with confidence.

Sell the right products in the right locations

Whilst selling to a wide range of countries it’s often necessary due to demand, viability or compliance, to omit specific products from certain countries. Our international B2B platform enables these efficiencies to be achieved with ease with the facility to flag products that should be hidden from specific countries. This functionality can also be automatically applied at checkout if the user adds items as a guest and then tries to checkout.

Increase customer loyalty across borders

Global companies often implement different branding to cater for regional differences and it’s essential that a B2B eCommerce site can cater for these nuances. The TrueCommerce solution provides white label multi site functionality where differently branded and styled versions of a site can be created in minutes to provide brand consistency and increased customer loyalty.

Expand your reach with marketplaces

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the reach of your eCommerce strategy is to publish your products to external marketplaces. The TrueCommerce suite of connected applications allows products from your B2B eCommerce site to be published directly to over 100 marketplaces from around the World whilst retrieving order data and presenting it in your ERP system.