Integrate online and offline sales with B2B eCommerce

Achieve true omni-channel trading and improve business processes


An omni-channel B2B eCommerce solution – online and offline working in unison

Implementing a B2B ecommerce solution will open up many new opportunities for improving business processes where limitations with existing back office systems may be preventing you from using more advanced selling techniques and making the best use of your sales team.

Unite your sales team with eCommerce

One of the advantages of a B2B eCommerce solution is that pricing can be customised for each customer to help increase sales. Providing a comprehensive sales order processing screen that can be used by your tele-sales team and your mobile sales team out in the field, the TrueCommerce platform provides a unified solution with consistent pricing and promotions for individual customers online and offline.

Sales teams can also take offline sales opportunities into the online world for easier processing; sales meetings often conclude with an agreement on new products or quantities and the TrueCommerce platform allows these agreements to be translated into an online basket item which can be processed alongside the customers next purchase.

Easily scale with B2B sales models

One method many companies use to quickly expand sales is to utilise external sales agents who are either contracted for specific promotions or who work on behalf of the brands you represent. The TrueCommerce application’s advanced permissions cater for these B2B specific scenarios with the ability to configure external sales agents access to the eCommerce order processing screens so they can only sell products belonging to specific brands to a restricted list of customer accounts.

Expand inventory & sales with dropship

One of the most popular ways to increase sales in recent years is to use a dropship model where your business can dramatically increase product range without stocking the associated goods. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution makes managing large dropship catalogues easy by providing your suppliers with access to maintain their product listings. This process ensures product information is accurate and up to date whilst a sophisticated approval workflow always ensures you keep control of the process and content that’s going live.

Whilst operating a dropship model, your business can also supplement internal stock with external suppliers goods to meet demand, in this scenario, internal stores data can be used to seamlessly merge external and internal stock to clearly identify to the buyer whether their requisition can be fulfilled internally or if a purchase order will be generated to the necessary supplier.

Accelerate your omni-channel trading with Digital Commerce

The TrueCommerce omni-channel B2B eCommerce solution is part of a broader set of Digital Commerce services and applications.

Digital commerce takes the pieces of your omni-channel strategy and brings them together so you can see the whole picture. Whether you’re expanding your web storefront, supplying retailers, or selling on Amazon, our digital commerce solution can help you reach more customers faster and with better service—and that means you’ll be ready to do business in every direction.

This may sound like omni-channel commerce, but the primary difference is that most companies conducting omni-channel sales are doing so through separate systems. Our Digital commerce solution is a one-stop solution for your processing and fulfilment needs – it creates a cohesive customer profile and provides a holistic view of purchasing behaviour in a single database solution.