B2B eCommerce for the Industrial sector

Increase sales of complex products with rich product data, telesales integration and configurable items


B2B eCommerce for industrial products

In a technical sector, where detailed specifications and information is key, the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce platform represents a huge opportunity for industrial goods manufacturers to increase sales with a range of features specific to industrial ecommerce.

Configure the perfect product

When dealing with complex industrial products, buyers often need to configure purchases to suit their individual requirements. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce software solution allows buyers to view and configure products as part of the online shopping process allowing for sophisticated items to be sold quickly and with minimal administration.

Complete product information at your customers’ fingertips

Industrial buyers often need very detailed information such as product catalogues, sales drawings, technical specifications, tolerances and certifications before they can make a purchase. Therefore when it comes to industrial products ecommerce is the perfect solution. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution caters for rich product content which can be stored in our supersized catalogues and a fully faceted search which ensures all details are fully searchable.

Connect to your back office system

Connect your B2B eCommerce storefront to your accounting, WMS or order processing systems to improve efficiencies and remove the need for rekeying, whilst increasing visibility across your business. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce software solution has comprehensive integration capabilities with a powerful framework which allows for rapid integration with business systems including SAP, Sage, Microsoft & Oracle.

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B2B eCommerce Integration

Always make the right choice

As well as being able to view detailed product information, it can also be useful to have the capability to compare complex products and their detailed attributes side by side. The TrueCommerce platform provides a comparison tool to provide this insight and make the buying journey easier and more streamlined. Compatible products can also be grouped to indicate which items work together.

Provide a consistent offline experience

Telesales often plays a key part in selling sophisticated industrial products, however this function can become disjointed with eCommerce. Once you have developed a successful B2B eCommerce site for industrial products, with compelling promotions and personalised prices, it’s then very important to give visibility of these offers and prices to your telesales team so they are consistent in their messaging. The TrueCommerce Netalogue solution provides a comprehensive sales order processing screen that gives complete visibility to your sales teams so they can also leverage the promotions and pricing from the eCommerce store.

On time delivery guaranteed

It’s important that many industrial orders are delivered in a set time frame so they don’t disrupt ongoing projects. The B2B eCommerce solution provides complete confidence in the delivery timeline by giving visibility of of stock, back orders and delivery timelines so customers can make informed decisions when ordering your products. Alternatively, if you fulfil your own deliveries and your vehicles frequent specific regions on certain days, this information can also be communicated through the industrial eCommerce site.

Connect with your largest customers with eCommerce for industrial products

Seamlessly link your B2B offering to third party procurement systems, such as Oracle, SAP and Ariba, allowing buyers to browse and add products on your website and complete the purchase via their procurement system. This feature, known as Punchout, will on average provide your enterprise customers with a 10% savings on doing business with you without you having to reduce your prices.

The industrial goods eCommerce platform

Here are some reasons why leading companies in the industry have chosen TrueCommerce as their industrial goods eCommerce platform provider:

– All orders can be captured though a single industrial goods B2B web platform

– All channels to market and supply chain data can be unified on one platform through one connection to one provider

– Our global trading partner network makes it quick and easy to connect to the entire supply chain

– Our industrial goods eCommerce platform is recognised and trusted by leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the globe