B2B eCommerce for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Maximise sales whilst achieving regulatory compliance, managing product restrictions and maintaining traceability with the TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B eCommerce Platform


Increase sales and customer loyalty with a B2B eCommerce platform for the pharmaceutical industry

Having witnessed the success of B2B eCommerce in other sectors, pharmaceutical companies are turning to B2B eCommerce to increase sales and improve customer service for existing customers, whilst attracting new clients. With many companies having previously relied upon sales and accounts teams visiting healthcare settings, B2B eCommerce provides an opportunity to reach clinicians who were previously hard to reach with an easy to use online ordering portal that is available 24/7.

Whilst the reasons for implementing a B2B eCommerce software solution don’t differ hugely between industries, the highly competitive pharmaceutical industry does have some unique requirements that need to be catered for. The pharma sector is a notoriously complex, highly regulated and licensed industry. When looking for a B2B eCommerce solution it is important that pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare equipment companies choose a platform that is designed to address these unique requirements.

Maintain the regulatory control needed in pharma with restricted catalogues

As a highly regulated and licensed industry, many pharmaceutical products, medical devices and healthcare equipment can only be purchased by those with the necessary license. We understand the critical importance of only allowing customers access to the products they are authorised to buy. The restricted catalogue functionality within the TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B eCommerce platform allows you to manage access through your customers’ login credentials, with the additional option of allowing clients to view but not purchase lines that they do not have the necessary authorisation for.

Maintain traceability with batch IDs & specification control

In the pharmaceutical industry where issues can have dangerous consequences it is of critical importance that the specification and manufacturing batch ID’s are tightly controlled throughout the product’s lifecycle. Comprehensive online tracking of products down to their individual serial numbers or batches allows such products to be effectively represented and sold online.

Connect your B2B pharmaceutical eCommerce storefront to your back office system

Connect your B2B eCommerce storefront to your accounting, WMS or order processing systems to improve efficiencies and remove the need for rekeying, whilst increasing visibility across your business. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce software solution has comprehensive integration capabilities with a powerful framework which allows for rapid integration with business systems including SAP, Sage, Microsoft & Oracle.

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B2B eCommerce Integration

Assist your field sales team with improved visibility

A B2B eCommerce solution should make it easier to customize pricing on a per customer basis. The TrueCommerce platform provides a sales order processing screen that can be used by offline and online teams in the field to provide pricing and promotions tailored to individual customers.

This empowers your field sales team by providing instant access to specific pricing, as well as your product data availability to improve the efficiency of order taking and the level of service delivered to your clients.

Increase loyalty with branded sites for key customers

A specifically branded site for a key customer or buying group can quickly increase customer loyalty and spend. With the TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B platform’s white label multi site feature you can quickly create new sites, brand and style them differently and enable/disable features and functionality to best fit their requirements. All of this can be done in minutes.

Improve the procurement process with purchase controls

The TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B platform provides a full feature set of procurement and purchase controls to ensure your customers have an efficient purchase approval process. Budgets and authority to buy a products are managed seamlessly, whilst still allowing orders to be processed quickly and easily without all the paperwork required in managing an offline authorisation process. Spend limits can be set across buyers, departments and locations as well as having the ability to setup multiple levels of sign off approval.

The solution also has Punchout functionality which seamlessly links your B2B offering to third party procurement systems allowing your customers to browse and add products on your website and complete the purchase via their procurement system.

Reduce the complexity of carriage handling

Calculating delivery charges and applicability of different services based on the customer’s order can be complex. The TrueCommerce Netalogue B2B eCommerce platform accommodates a wide range of options which are flexible and specifiable by login, customer location, items in the order, weight, volume, item specific surcharges, insurance and many other parameters.

Capture all your B2B orders on one platform

TrueCommerce enables you to capture all of your B2B orders on one single platform, increasing efficiency and visibility across your supply chain.

Our B2B eCommerce solution is ideal for your smaller customers that do not use EDI, however if your clients include large corporations it is likely you need to trade with them via EDI (electronic data interchange). As well as our market-leading EDI solution, we also have a PDF order processing solution ensuring you have a solution for trading with all your customers regardless of their size or technical footprint.

All of your orders regardless of how they are received are converted into a standard digital format and sent to your business system for processing.

The pharma eCommerce platform

Here are some reasons why leading companies in the industry have chosen TrueCommerce as their pharmaceutical eCommerce platform provider:

– All orders can be captured though a single pharma B2B web platform

– All channels to market and supply chain data can be unified on one platform through one connection to one provider

– Our global trading partner network makes it quick and easy to connect to the entire supply chain

– Our pharmaceutical eCommerce platform is recognised and trusted by leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers across the globe

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