Achieve higher revenue growth with B2B eCommerce

B2B eCommerce now forms the backbone of most modern revenue growth strategies with sophisticated and intelligent marketing and sales technologies to increase online spend


Accelerate B2B revenue growth with a digital commerce strategy

The B2B eCommerce growth process begins with migrating as many of your customers as possible to online ordering. Once your customers are trading online, you can then use sophisticated and intelligent marketing and sales technologies to get your customers to continually increase their online spend.

As well as increasing sales, the platform provides a unique opportunity to reduce the administrative processes associated with traditional order and invoice methods. Moving the ordering process online automates this administration and produces less errors.

Sell more with advanced promotions

Promotions are now a key element of most B2B digital strategies and are no longer just for B2C. The TrueCommerce B2B platform has one of the most sophisticated promotion engines available with the ability to run promotions against pricing, choice of reward items, must buy items, free POS material, etc.. With an endless combination of promotional options, the TrueCommerce platform provides you with extensive reporting with detailed insight into which types of offer are most relevant and attractive to your customer base.

Grow order values

The TrueCommerce platform provides you with a intuitive B2B toolset that allows you to influence and encourage the types of purchasing behaviour that best suits your business. Quantity based pricing allows you to increase Average Order Values (AOV), encouraging customers to purchase bigger quantities less often, increasing your profitability whilst delivering better value to your customers.

Introduce new products with cross selling

Quickly increase average order value and customer satisfaction by providing visibility of relevant products throughout the buying cycle. Cross selling can increase your sales whilst better informing the customers about products that you have available. This increases your average order value whilst offering a better customer experience. Up selling options are also a positive way of account managing the customers whilst they are online, informing them of more efficient product options and even alternative products that will save them money.

B2B made easy

Drop shipping is one of the fastest growing trends within the retail sector with many internet retailers now requesting that you ship your products direct to their customers. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce platform allows you to easily cater for this requirement at checkout whilst all the packaging details will also reflect your customers paperwork without any additional work from them.

Most B2B customers will also have one eye on profit margins during the purchasing process so any intelligence that can be provided during their eCommerce experience will ultimately accelerate the sales process. The gross profit calculator allows your customers to calculate their profit margin when buying products on the site and establish an RRP based on the profit required or their gross profit based on the sales price.

Increased flexibility, increased business

Even when business moves online, different customers buying habits have to be taken into account. Whether it be allowing customers to request free samples for certain products or providing the option to request a quote for large orders, the TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution provides the flexibility to cater for all buying habits. Each of these feature sets can also be limited to certain customers, users and roles to ensure full cost control for your customers whilst offering a superior eCommerce experience.

Facilitate confident purchasing

High quality up to date information is key to providing confidence to your customers during the buying cycle. Visual media is very important in this process which is why TrueCommerce facilitates multiple images of each product, 360 spin and a high quality zoom experience as well as video directly on the product page. Combine these visual elements with real time stock levels and accurate stock notifications and the customer instantly becomes much better informed and confident to progress their purchase. This increased visibility also reduces the number of direct enquiries and subsequent administration regarding products, stock levels and delivery estimates.

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