Provide Value Added Service with B2B eCommerce

Add value to your online offering with advanced B2B functionality which makes doing business easy


Deliver additional value to your customers with a B2B eCommerce platform

Distinguishing yourself from your competitors by providing value added services and making it easier to do business are key considerations in a B2B ecommerce strategy. The TrueCommerce solution allows you to bring together all your online systems and portals into a customer friendly hub, whilst providing benefits such as budget adherence, bulk ordering for multiple locations and punchout integration for corporate clients.

Provide confidence with advanced spending controls

Providing structures and workflows that mirror your customers hierarchy and processes adds value to a B2B eCommerce solution by making the ordering process more streamlined and controlled. Some customers may want to order products that are allocated to specific staff such as uniforms which require extra controls to track and limit over ordering in a specific timeframe, whilst other customers may need to set spending limits or allocate orders to employees, departments and locations. All of these scenarios can be fully configured in the B2B eCommerce solution along with purchase approval processes and effective reporting of the respective cost centres.

Remove the complexity from B2B ordering

The first and easiest way to streamline the ordering process for your customers is by removing irrelevant products from their online experience. Restricted catalogues for specific customers is easily configured within the solution, as well as adding restricted product protection which requires a secure password before the item can be added to the basket. In cases where product compatibility is important, kits can be setup in the B2B eCommerce solution to group items which can or need to be purchased together, this functionality can be particularly useful for completing a shop fit or purchasing technical equipment.

Lastly, punchout functionality seamlessly links your B2B offering to third party procurement systems allowing buyers to browse and add products on your website and complete the purchase via their procurement system such as Oracle, SAP and Ariba.

Secure easy access and administration

Remove the barriers to doing business online with your business customers by offering Oauth2, an approved single sign on standard that’s supported is supported by most other business solutions. The use of single sign on not only makes life easier for your customers when doing business with you online, it also reduces administration as one set of credentials can be maintained across multiple systems. The TrueCommerce solution also has the ability to create dashboards with quick access to manage all aspects of your customer relationships such as your finance portal, marketing material and training guides.

Out of stock… not a problem

When a product is out of stock, that needn’t be a barrier for a sale. The TrueCommerce B2B eCommerce solution tracks back orders and has the ability to give customers visibility of the delivery status and ETA of all their items via the site or an automated report. All of this can be managed online by the customer via the website which avoids the need for phone calls to continually check the status of orders.