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6 Steps to Choose the Best-Fit Cloud ERP Solution for Your Organization


Gartner “found that seven out of 10 organizations agreed that their current ERP strategy was not strongly aligned with their current business strategy.”¹ 

As companies evolve and grow, so do their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) requirements. Operations become more complex, demanding systems to handle increased data volumes, user loads, and advanced functionalities across the business—forcing the need for a new, more robust ERP.  

Companies invest a lot of money and energy into vetting and implementing a new ERP system across their organizations—so it pays to get it right the first time. If you’re at an ERP crossroads, make sure you’re covering all the bases in your evaluation and decision-making.  

In the Gartner report, “6 Steps to Choose the Best-Fit Cloud ERP Solution for Your Organization,” Gartner outlines a six-step process for application leaders to help their teams choose the best-fit cloud ERP solution. It also breaks down the preparation, execution, and follow-up activities required in each of the six steps. 

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As you consider upgrading your ERP, consider your add-on projects in step six of the Gartner outlined process.  

You can prioritize a large-scale ERP implementation and migration without foregoing the benefits of add-on software like Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to ensure all the pieces function seamlessly in your supply chain motion. And if you choose a solution with the right features and services, you can do it without over-extending your team. Ask us how! 

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¹Source: Gartner, 6 Steps to Choose the Best-Fit Cloud ERP Solution for Your Organization, Robert Anderson, 22 February 2023 
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