Driving Change: Exploring the Impact of GAMA in the Automotive Industry

August 23, 2023

The automotive industry is a dynamic realm of innovation and evolution, constantly influenced by technological advancements, consumer demands, and shifting market dynamics. In a recent interview, we had the privilege of speaking with David Eyes, Vice President of Automotive Solutions at TrueCommerce, about the significance of the Georgia Automotive Manufacturers Association (GAMA) and its Spirit Award in the context of the automotive sector.

Introducing David Eyes: A Driving Force in the Automotive Industry

Our conversation began with a brief introduction from David Eyes, who plays a pivotal role in identifying potential customers and promoting the company’s TrueAuto solution.

David has long been an influential figure in supply chain management and digitalization markets. With more than 25 years of expertise in supply chain business development, he has helped hundreds of businesses leverage integration and automation for greater success. In addition to his position at TrueCommerce, David also serves on the advisory boards for the Alabama Automotive Manufacturers Association (AAMA) and GAMA, acting as Chairman of the GAMA Supply Chain Committee. When he isn’t helping business owners, David uses his knowledge and passion to support supply chain education in younger generations, regularly visiting and speaking at schools, colleges and universities about opportunities in the field.

With a wealth of experience and expertise, David provides a unique perspective on the evolving landscape of the automotive industry. Let’s delve into our conversation to uncover the insights he shared.

GAMA’s Importance in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing monumental changes driven by a multitude of factors. Beyond external influences like geopolitical tensions and economic fluctuations, the industry is experiencing a seismic shift due to changing consumer preferences and growing electric vehicle (EV) adoption. As the automotive landscape evolves, challenges from other sectors for critical parts and materials are reshaping the industry’s dynamics.

David highlighted how the heart of the automotive industry is no longer solely confined to the traditional hubs like Detroit; instead, a transformation is taking place in the southern states of the United States. Georgia, Alabama, the Carolinas, Tennessee and Mississippi have become hotspots for automotive manufacturing, with more cars being produced in these states than in the traditional automotive strongholds of the north. Georgia, in particular, is on the cusp of becoming an automotive powerhouse, with new plants and expansions by major players like Hyundai and Kia.

GAMA: A Catalyst for Collaboration

At the center of this transformation stands GAMA—the Automotive Association of Georgia. GAMA acts as a vital bridge that brings together manufacturers, suppliers, and public bodies, fostering collaboration and driving innovation. The association serves as a vital resource for businesses seeking to navigate the complex automotive landscape in Georgia.

David emphasized the crucial role TrueCommerce plays as a supply chain technology provider partnering with GAMA. This partnership allows TrueCommerce to contribute to the industry’s growth by providing solutions and expertise to overcome challenges faced by suppliers, OEMs, and manufacturers. By participating in initiatives like the Georgia Automotive Supply Chain Roundtable, TrueCommerce engages with key players in the industry, sharing insights and collectively shaping the future of automotive business in the region.

Celebrating Recognition: The GAMA Spirit Award

One of the highlights of our conversation was David’s receipt of the GAMA Spirit Award. This prestigious award, shared with Kia and S-Star Recruitment, recognizes members who have spearheaded an innovative program, displayed an unparalleled commitment to the organization, or other special effort. Through personal initiative and effective use of GAMA’s network, the recipients deliver outstanding results and raise the bar for other members.

Specifically, this year’s award acknowledged the contributions made by TrueCommerce to the automotive industry in Georgia. David spoke about the importance of building meaningful relationships with organizations like GAMA, demonstrating commitment and adding value to the industry.

Through years of dedicated support, TrueCommerce has helped promote Georgia as a hub for automotive business. The award symbolizes not just David’s efforts, but also the hard work and dedication of the entire TrueAuto team. The award is a testament to their commitment to improving the prospects and perception of Georgia as a thriving automotive business hub.

A Journey Through the Automotive Industry

Wrapping up our conversation, David shared insights into his personal journey within the automotive industry. With a family deeply rooted in automotive, his exposure to the industry began at a young age. Working for a Tier 1 supplier early in his career, David gained comprehensive experience across various aspects of the industry, from design and engineering to supply chain management. His passion for the automotive world and his love for the challenges it presents have been his driving force throughout his remarkable 32-year journey.

The conversation with David Eyes shed light on the multifaceted world of the automotive industry and the transformative role played by organizations like GAMA. As the industry continues to evolve, collaboration and innovation are key to overcoming challenges and fostering growth. TrueCommerce’s partnership with GAMA exemplifies how technology and collaboration can drive positive change in a dynamic industry, ultimately shaping the future of the automotive business in Georgia and beyond.

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