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Gartner Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise

January 21, 2019

If you have ever looked at a cookbook, you’ve probably thought, “How in the world did someone make that?” It really is incredible that someone can conceive of combining disparate items and then heating to create something so darn tasty. But what the world often forgets is that someone spent hours mixing, testing, and refining countless iterations that weren’t just quite right. In a lot of ways, it is reminiscent of Gartner’s recent recognition of TrueCommerce as a Challenger in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks.

Most readers understand that being recognized by Gartner – one of the world’s leading research companies – is a significant accomplishment. However, what is not known are the years spent by TrueCommerce acquiring, developing, planning, and executing technologies and strategies to get to where it is today. But that’s not all. TrueCommerce employees have spent countless hours creating a balance of “ingredients” and how to best “prepare” and “plate” a unified offering to the market. So, while the world sees a beautifully crafted meal, TrueCommerce employees remember all the late nights spent in the kitchen. And, that’s cool. That’s part of the magic of creating something so complex that it is hard to discern its parts.

Finally, there are so many people to thank for making this honor possible, but space just won’t allow. However, we think that everyone shares the sentiment shared by TrueCommerce president Ross Elliott, “Our continued investment in innovation and customer success in this area allows our global customer community to thrive in a highly competitive world.” And that type of success tastes pretty darn good.

For the full report on Gartner’s 2018 Magic Quadrant for Multienterprise Supply Chain Business Networks, and how companies were judged on their “completeness of vision” and “ability to execute,” visit: https://www.gartner.com/doc/reprints?id=1-1YZHRXE9&ct=200507&st=sb